Hub & Laterals

The Aquatrol Hub and Lateral Distributor Systems are made from durable ABS (Hub) and PVC or Polypropylene (Laterals). Designed to fit various tank sizes, the AQT-HL series can also be top or bottom mounted depending on your configuration needs.

The distributors can accommodate the following tank sizes, depending on the distributor model: 14”-16”, 18”-21”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48” and 60” tanks. They can be mounted by solvent weld, straight connect, 3” FNPT adapter or the 6” Flange mount.

The time saving quick lock laterals add convenience during on the field installations as it only requires half a turn to install one lateral. Threaded laterals are also available.

Available Models

  • AQT-HL-B5665
  • AQT-HL-B5666
  • AQT-HL-B5667
  • AQT-HL-B10848
  • AQT-HL-B10849
  • AQT-HL-7160
  • AQT-HL-B5669
  • AQT-HL-7161
  • AQT-HL-7162
  • AQT-HL-7163
  • AQT-HL-B5683
  • AQT-HL-B5684
  • AQT-HL-B5685
  • AQT-HL-B5686
  • AQT-HL-D63FB
  • AQT-HL-B11665HF
  • AQT-HL-B14248HF



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