The AQT-315 valve is one of the best commercial valve options for industrial applications. Its versatility allows it to be a top or side valve. With its 2” inlet-outlet it can handle up to 95 gpm of continuous flow rate and can be used to configure filter systems with tanks up to 42” diameter. The AQT-315 can also be used to configure softener systems with tanks up to 42” diameter tanks with the top mount configuration or 60” diameter tanks with its side mount configuration. Timer, meter and electronic NX controllers are available for you.


  • Adjustable, 5-cycle control delivers controlled upflow backwash, downflow brining and downflow service
  • Solid, lead-free brass construction for strength and durability
  • Flexible 7 or 12 day time clock or meter initiated regeneration
  • Ideal for most filter applications up to 42"
  • Top or side mount options are suitable for commercial or industrial applications
  • Backwash capacity accommodates tanks up to 63" diameter



  • Aquatrol 315 Filter Meter Mechanical Valves are lead-free brass 2” control valves. The AQT-315FM is an ideal valve for filter
  • Aquatrol 315 Filter Meter NX Valves are ideal for filter applications. Ease of programming, ease of use and its ability
  • Aquatrol 315 Filter Timer Mechanical Valves are 2” lead free body adjustable control filter valves. They are precision made for
  • Aquatrol 315 Filter Timer NX Valves offer ease of programming, ease of use and the ability to backwash tanks up
  • Aquatrol 315 Softener Meter Mechanical Valves are made of solid lead-free brass for strength and durability. The AQT-315SM also offers
  • Aquatrol 315 Softener Meter NX Valves can be side mounted for 24” – 60” tanks. The AQT-315SM-NX offers a fully adjustable
  • Aquatrol 315 Softener Timer Mechanical Valves are 2” fully adjustable 5 cycle controller that allows you to control the upflow
  • Aquatrol 315 Softener Timer Valves backwash capacity can accommodate tanks up to 60” in diameter. The AQT-315ST-NX also offers a


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