The AQT-56 valve is one of the most reliable and competitive residential valves in the world. With its modern design and top quality materials, the AQT-56 has a continuous flow rate up to 20 gpm and can be used on any filter system with up to 10” diameter tanks and any softener system with up to 14” diameter tanks. The AQT-56 offers DLFC and BLFC options allowing the system designer a variety of options to best fit his/her needs. Timer, meter mechanical and electronic controllers are available for all your configurations.


  • Simple easy to use design
  • Injector and drain modules, flow controls, and brine modules are removable from the valve’s exterior
  • Durable timer is designed with heavy-duty wide plastic gears
  • AQT-56 controls are user-friendly and easy to program
  • Non-corrosive, UV-resistant, Noryl valve body
  • Choice of 7 or 12 day clock or demand regeneration with a mechanical meter
  • Low annual power consumption; keeps the time and activates the valve mechanics with a single motor

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