The AQT-275ST-NX valve is one of the best light commercial electronic softener timer valves in the industry today. It offers a 1” inlet-outlet connection and can deliver up to 26 gpm. THE AQT-275ST-NX can be configured to be used in softeners which utilize tanks ranging from 10” to 24” diameter. It works exceptional with our Aquatrol CAT100E Cation Resin and its electronic controller is perfect for an exact measure of flow and exact measure of resin capacity.


  • Lead free brass body
  • Adjustable 5 cycle control
  • Residential / light commercial applications
  • Backwash capacity for tanks up to 24″
  • 1″ Control valve
  • NHWB option available
  • Time clock: 7 and 12 days – Manual or Meter
  • Meter: delayed or immediate regeneration