About Us

Our Company

We are part of the Hydronix Water Corporation.

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Who We Are

Aquatrol is a global brand dedicated in reaching excellence in Water Conditioning Parts. Our aim is to meet the growing demand for quality equipment and offer our global customers a dedicated partnership that exceeds there business needs.

We are Aquatrol, changing the status quo.

About Our Valves


Aquatrol valves have been designed to provide customers worldwide a breadth of product options to satisfy a wide range of application needs. Aquatrol constantly strives to produce products that offer exceptional performance that meet and exceed industry expectations time and time again.


Aquatrol valves are manufactured in a state of the art ISO9000 certified facility. They undergo strict Quality Control standards and have to comply with a broad scope of testing parameters. Strict Quality Control coupled with a market commitment to offer quality products, which increase your bottom line, are a major driving force in the success of Aquatrol, its distributors and its customers.


Aquatrol recognizes that in order to grow and expand our global distribution force, our products have to offer not just performance and quality, they have to offer reliability. We strive to deliver a product which you can confidently utilize knowing you have the peace of mind of the Aquatrol name behind it.